Recovery is the Goal

Recovering From Sexual Trauma and Codependency
In the therapeutic process, the survivor is assisted to move from victimization to self-empowerment and self-love through a combination of didactic therapy, art therapy and other experiential techniques.

This approach encourages the client to access highly charged information which has been stored in the subconscious level of awareness. This may include extreme anger about the abuse and the abusers, shame held in the core of the Self and sadness over the client’s loss. Methods that ease the expression and eventual integration of the material are central in her practice.

Hirschmugl approaches the survivor’s recovery process from a humanistic perspective. Several different therapies are used to assist the client in deepening the awareness and understanding of flashbacks, disturbing dreams, body memories or current day situations which may trigger feelings of terror, rage, numbness and confusion. She facilitates the client’s understanding of the meaning of the life challenges they are dealing with to grow into more fully empowered, compassionate human beings.


Family Therapy
In family therapy sessions, Hirschmugl provides a safe environment for all members of the group to express their feelings openly and work toward a constructive resolution of problems including difficulty in studies, boundaries, addictions, depressions and anger management.

Couples Counseling
In this component of Hirschmugl’s work, she helps each couple deepen their commitment, honesty and intimacy in their relationships with significant others. She is present to facilitate “hot topics” including sexuality issues, separation/divorce issues.

It has proven highly beneficial for couples in crisis to commit for six to eight weeks of intensive interventions with weekly sessions. Other areas of interest for many couples in the practice include improving parenting skills, resolving financial issues and overcoming problems in communication.

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