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Mary Hirschmugl is a psychotherapist in private practice in Brighton, Michigan. Mary Hirschmugl offers transformational counseling to assist you in recovering from sexual abuse, dissociative disorders, codependency / addictions, and depression as well as developing healthy skills including anger management, building high self-esteem, boundary work, and a deeper spirituality. Many of her clients are survivors of incest or are couples in which at least one partner has experienced abuse. She also works with people in recovery from dysfunctional and addictive lifestyles, including affairs and infidelity on the Internet.

She received her undergraduate degree from Cornell in 1982, and a Master of Arts in Creative Expression Therapy from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1989. She received extensive training in the treatment of PTSD and Dissociative Disorders at Cottonwood de Albuquerque, a nationally known treatment center. She entered into a private practice in 1992. She has worked with over 1000 survivors of sexual abuse recovering clients in these past years.

Currently, she and her husband see individuals, couples and families in their Brighton office. They work with a variety of alternative approaches to healing, which include gestalt, art therapy, emotional release techniques, relaxation and inner guided processes to help the client center and resolve inner conflicts.

Over the past ten years, she has worked with many couples who are struggling with difficulties communicating, intimacy, sexuality issues and financial stress in their relationships. During the Couples Recovery Program, the couple is encouraged to talk through their resentments and learn how to negotiate with each other to reach more successful outcomes regarding areas in which  they have historically not seen eye to eye.

When infidelity is an issue, she has helped the couple to rebuild trust and safety and create a viable, committed, monogamous relationship, built upon honesty. In cases where there is depression or divorce she works with the individuals to bring closure to the marriage and negotiates the ongoing, shared responsibility.

Licensed Professional Counselor (Michigan) 1993
Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (New Mexico) 1994 (retired)
Professional Member of American Counseling Association Since 1993
Professional Member of American Art Therapy Association 2000

New ParrentsOffice Location
710 East Grand River, Suite 3
Brighton, Michigan 48116


We accept insurance plans and offer adjustable rates. Immediate, evenings and Saturday appointments are available. There is no charge for the first session.

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