Therapies used in helping you explore, recover and grow…

Art TherapyAmerican Art Therapy Association
utilizes different media—painting, drawing, claywork, collage, etc.— to assist you in integrating emotionally charged issues and connecting more to left brain experiences to promote healing and wholeness.

facilitates you in working back through dreams to explore their symbology and discover the guidance that may be offered about life choices.

Guided Visualization
is a closed eye relaxation technique, which helps you become centered and attune to your higher self. This is especially helpful when clients are anxious or panicky.

is an interactive process that allows you to explore and integrate conflicting feelings about unresolved issues in your current or past experiences.

Emotional Release Techniques
include anger management, shame reduction, and grief processing so you can learn how to release these emotions safely and constructively while enhancing self esteem.

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