Mary K. Hirschmugl, MA, LPC

Mary K. Hirschmugl is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Brighton, Michigan. She specializes in counseling individuals and couples regarding conflicts in marriage including Sexual Trauma / Addiction, Abuse, Affairs and Internet problems. She also offers court approved Probation and Anger Management programs. She has worked with more than 2000 clients in the past 20 years to assist them in their recovery from infidelity, codependency, alcohol abuse, childhood incest issues.


At this time in our area many are struggling with Stress Management as we face some of the highest unemployment rates in the country.  Many are dealing with foreclosures, lay-offs and early retirements.  The use of addictive behaviors to cope is on the rise. Counseling is a way to deal with these trying issues. During a free initial consultation Hirschmugl works with the client to identify areas creating problems in their lives. She helps clients move toward their hopes and dreams.  Through subsequent sessions, a thorough family of origin history is gathered to uncover subconscious behaviors that may be creating relational difficulties.

American Counseling AssociationCredentials
Licensed Professional Counselor (Michigan) 1993
Professional Clinical Mental Health Counselor (New Mexico) 1994 (retired)
Professional Member of American Counseling Association Since 1993
Professional Member of American Art Therapy Association 2000

Office Location
710 East Grand River, Suite 3
Brighton, Michigan 48116


We accept credit cards and offer adjustable rates.
Immediate, evenings and Saturday appointments are available.
There is no charge for the first session.